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Cabsurance is a traditional, family-run insurance broker, with over 50 years of experience in dealing with the licensed London taxi trade. We have developed an enviable position as a market-leader and provide a professional, reliable, and relatable service for taxi drivers.

Due to the service we provide, we have an incredibly high renewal rate and in 2021, Cabsurance received one of the highest gold scores of all time in the Investor in Customers Assessment, something we are incredibly proud of.

Most of our team have been with us a long time, with our longest serving colleague, Colin Hunt, who joined us on 7th February 1977. The team have outstanding relationships in the insurance market, which gives us greater leverage when negotiating competitive taxi insurance quotes for our clients.

We can trace our business back to 1963, when Emrose (Insurance Brokers) Limited was set up by Michael Rose. In 1983, the Cabsurance brand was launched specifically for the taxi industry. Michael’s children Gary, Lawrence and Jon have continued growing the business in their dad’s legacy and in March 2021, the company was acquired by one of the fastest-growing groups of insurance intermediaries in the UK, Specialist Risk Group.

Specialist Risk Group currently employ over 500 staff, 13 of whom work directly for Cabsurance. Combining our history in our previous brands with our future strategy, we drive real value for our clients through the specialist insurance advice and robust solutions we provide.

Our expert team have fantastic relationships in the insurance market, including Lloyd’s of London, allowing us to secure strategic relationships with leading insurers, which enables us to develop and provide market-leading insurance products on the most competitive terms for our clients.

We are extremely excited for our future as Cabsurance.

As a Group, it is our goal to become a top 20 broker in the UK. Each year, we continue to move up the ranks of the Insurance Times Top 50 Brokers list.

We look forward to continuing growing as a business and deepening and broadening our offering to ensure we provide the highest levels of service to our clients.

Our parent company, Specialist Risk Group, is one of the fastest-growing groups of insurance intermediaries in the UK. The Group is split into four business units, providing a bespoke service to our unique markets and clients.

Cabsurance forms part of the Specialty Clients division, Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions. The other business units are Miles Smith and TUE – UK and Ireland Speciality Broking, Specialist Risk International – International Specialty Broking and MX – Specialty Underwriting.

Being part of the Group allows us to access specialist products and the Lloyd’s of London market through the other business units. This means we can provide our clients with a truly unique service and offer a range of excusive benefits.

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At Specialist Risk Group, we are governed by our mantra “Difficult. Done Well.”. We specialise in crafting solutions for specialist insurance needs that other companies actively avoid and solve problems for clients that other brokers cannot solve. We take a people first approach that empowers our staff and enables them to respond quickly to clients. Our people are offered valuable learning and development opportunities and ultimately, we aim to create an environment where we enjoy coming to work. We believe this means our people will always provide an outstanding service to our clients.


Lawrence started his career as a Trainee Underwriter in 1980 working for the NIG.

In 1982, Lawrence joined his family business, Emrose Insurance Brokers, that his father started in 1963.

In 2014 Lawrence was appointed Managing Director until June 2021 when they were acquired by Specialist Risk Group.

Lawrence is married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren that keep him on his toes. He is a season ticket holder at Arsenal and enjoys attending matches with his wife and son. He follows Formula 1 Motor Racing and still plays the occasional round of golf.

Managing Director

Gary started his career in insurance at age 17. He worked for the NIG for 18 months before joining the family business 40 years ago.

Gary is a Director of Cabsurance and works closely with his two brothers, Lawrence and Jonathan. He deals with the day to day running of the business and specialises in London Black Taxis, as well as general insurance business.

In his spare time, Gary enjoys keeping fit. He is an avid sportsman and has completed 3 London Marathons. He also plays football most Sundays and fits in a game of golf when he can.

Gary enjoys F1, he is a big Lewis Hamilton fan. His biggest pleasure of all is watching Arsenal. He has been a season ticket holder for over 40 years and goes to matches with his kids.


Jonathan started his career in insurance nearly 40 years ago. Jonathan left school and sought to gain as much experience as possible before he joined the family business.

After a couple of short-term jobs in insurance he went on to work for NIG in the motor underwriting department for four years.

In 1988 Jonathan joined Emrose Insurance Brokers which was started by Jonathan’s late father in 1963. Jonathan gained valuable knowledge from his father over the years especially in the London Taxi Industry.

Jonathan is married and has two sons. He is an Arsenal fan and has had a season ticket for 30 years.




HGGC re-scale 2

In 2020, HGGC, a private equity fund manager, acquired the majority shareholding in Specialist Risk Group.

HGGC are relationship investors with operating backgrounds who seek to build differentiated middle-market businesses. They invest in companies that they believe have leading competitive positions in defensible markets where they can add value via their operating skills and relationships, focusing on sectors such as Financial Services and Business Services.

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HGGC have 198 portfolio investments, with a total of $5.4 billion cumulative commitments. They seek to leverage their investor-operator skillsets and deep multi-sector networks to develop preferred partner relationships that encourage alignment of interests as they work to drive positive outcomes that lead to strong references and enhanced networks.

We benefit from the support provided by HGGC in reaching our growth targets and providing an exceptional service to our clients.


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